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external image 333953ps_500h.jpgFifi and the Flowertots
Packed with exciting, colourful games and puzzles such as pairs, snap, word searches and more. Children will be entertained for hours in the company of their favourite friendly flower.
  • Pairs Click on the cards to find Fifi and her friends. Can you match them?
  • Snap See who can be first to ?SNAP' in this classic card game featuring all your favourite Fifi and the Flowertot characters
  • Wordsearch Look closely to spot all the words in these wordsearch puzzles
  • Jigsaw Choose a picture and piece the puzzle back together
  • Colouring book Choose your favourite picture, print it out and colour it in
  • Meet the characters Click on a character to find out a bit more about them
  • Watch an episode Watch one of your favourite TV episodes of Fifi and the Flowertots
  • Spot the difference Can you see the differences between 2 pictures?

Lost - The Video GameLost.jpg
Plot - The game is split up into seven "episodes". Each episode was plotted by the show's executive producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. The game's timeline coincides with the first 70 days portrayed in the television series.
The player is cast as a previously unseen survivor, Elliott Maslow, a photojournalist with amnesia. Gameplay involves Resident Evil-style fetch quests and puzzle solving. The use of flashbacks as a storytelling device, which are integral to the television show, is part of the game play. Also, owing to the main character's amnesia, they are often just as revealing to the character as they are to the player. The player explores locations seen in the show, such as the beach camp, the dark territory, The Pearl Station, The Hydra Station, the Flame station, the Black Rock and the Swan Station. The player also interacts with some of the major characters of the television show; Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Mikhail, Ben, Juliet and Locke, among others. Elliott must also avoid the "Black Smoke" monster. Trading with other survivors and taking photos with a camera are also part of the gameplay.

Episode I - Force Majeure (Day 1)
Elliott Maslow wakes up on the Island after the crash of Flight 815 and starts to explore the jungle. He finds an unlucky passenger of Flight 815 dead caught in some branches, and a mysterious woman standing beside the body. Elliott has flashes about a dead body and the woman's face. She suddenly disappears and then reappears nearby.

Elliott follows her until he meets Kate. They have a brief conversation and then when Kate gives him a bottle of water, Elliot has a flashback to when he is on the plane and sees the marshal and Kate in handcuffs, realizing that Kate was a fugitive, but promising to keep her secret. Elliott follows Walt's Yellow Labrador to the crash site. Jack, who is seen trying to revive a man, tells Elliott to shut off the fuselage so that the engines don't explode. Later, Elliott tells Jack he can't remember anything, which Jack diagnoses as amnesia. Jack recommends that he try to find any of his belongings. Kate tells him she found a backpack where they met and left it near the end of camp. Elliott then gets attacked by a mysterious man, known as "Beady Eyes", who demands to know where the camera is and threatens to kill Elliott.

external image rev112d_big.jpg
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Dark MotivesCSI: MiamiCSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder
The Cases

Case 1: "Inn and Out"

Investigate a murder of a showgirl with Gil Grissom.

Case 2: "Light my Fire"

Investigate an arson at the home of an aviation desginer. You work with Sara Sidle.

Case 3: "Garvey's Beat"

You and Nick Stokes investigate the cop killing of a officer.

Case 4: "More Fun than a Barrel of Corpses"

A strange call to the lab leads to the discovery of a female body. The woman is the daughter of a casino owner. You work with Warrick Brown.

Case 5: "Leda's Swan Song"

Grissom disappeared after having being called on a previous crime scene. And the last murderer you arrested in the previous case is beginning to sing her victory. Work with Catherine Willows for discovering the link between the suspect, Grissom and another victim you thought you had solved the death.

external image 331879ps_500h.jpg
Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Mummy is a graphical adventure game for Windows, developed by Frogwares and first released in 2002. The player controls Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's renowned detective Sherlock Holmes, investigating the mysteriously abandoned mansion of British archeologist, Lord Montecalf.
The game is played from a first person perspective.
The first in the Sherlock Holmes series of adventure games developed by Frogwares and Viva Media, it was followed by Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring in 2004, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened]] in 2006, Sherlock Holmes versus Arsène Lupin in 2008, and Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper in 2009.